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Boudi van Vlijmen from an early age on followed his own path in learning. First because being wired so. Later because it appeared to be a strategy for real learning with dyslexia.

Research to improve

We interlink a number of knowledge areas where we follow scientific developments and its practical implications on the human system. With the goal to contribute by engineering improvements for a better human life. In specific, we research and innovate in the area of Human/IT system integration. We call this Humansys.

Energy - Frequency - Network - System

Work areas

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Clocked is opgericht in 2000. We hebben ervaring met TCP/IP en software ontwikkeling, systeemontwerp en mechatronica.

Redesign projectmanagement, Hardware, IT  & mechatronica. Voor radarsysteem.

Gepatenteerd on chipkaar LCD & keyboard systeem (eigen ontwikkeling)

TwoEyes TV ontwerp (deelneming) projectmanagement & mechatronica.

IT - Architectuur (data/netwerking) voor de ontvlechting Interpay en Paysquare t.b.v. Equens in opdracht van Quint

Order sourcing (India / Thailand / China) systeem voor Pand&plattegrond

Verkoop order, sales management systeem en HR voor Bluestone Sales

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