We and data management

Data standardization is our expertise. In the field of data management, our core competence is attribute management and data exchange.


For data exchange, we developed the Object Attribute File format (OAF).

There are 3 types of .oaf files:

An .oaf file is a text file with object attributes and their values. The lines are separated by character 13 (CR). In the line values are separated by the ">,<" character sequence.
The file is always in UFT-8 encoding.
The first line always contains the data set description. These can be:


An object .oaf contains the description of an object and a list of attributes and their values. It contains lines with an "Attribute name>,<Attribute value"composition. If a Unit Of Measurement(UOM) is applied, it is included in the value part after a space after the value.

Object>,<Person attributes
length>,<1.76 m
weight>,<76 kg


An objects .oaf contains the description of a list of objects and a list of attributes and their values.

It contains a heading line with an "Object>,<Attribute1 name>,<Attribute2 name....>,<Attribute(n) name" composition.

And lines with an "Object name>,<Attribute1 value>,<Attribute2 value....>,<Attribute(n)  value" composition.


A wrapped .oaf contains an Object section giving a summary about a set of Objects, what follows the summary.

Data standardization

We are specialized in data standardization. Too much of human work is involved in dealing with misunderstanding. This is also the case in the IT sector and handling data. We are experts in limiting this waste of time and energy.

For in organization and inter organization communications, managing your data-language is not effortless, but it pays off.