New concepts

Embraced invoice numbering

The issue

Banks only provide a description field for a transaction. The invoice-number for a payment is therefor mostly a part of the description text. To match the invoice with the payment after uploading or synchronizing the bank transactions into an administration is a gamble. Although with high probability. The issue is to make it a 100% match.

The solution / Embraced invoice numbering

If we all would apply the following standard for writing invoice numbers, a 100% match can be ensured.

The standard is to embrace invoice-numbers with #* and *#.

Thus the invoice number 83746AB635 thus would be printed and written in de bank-transaction description as #*83746AB635*#

Why #* - *#? Because these are the characters frequently available on a number pad. This enables quick entry in number orientated environments.

This notation also makes invoice number recognition language independent.

#*83746AB635*# انوائس نمبر

or Nambari ya ankara #*83746AB635*#

or 發票號碼 #*83746AB635*#

or номер счета-фактуры #*83746AB635*#

are all recognisable as invoice number 83746AB635.

What is next

20180510 - Standard proposal published on