Clocked S.O. B.V.

'through research we know how'

'business as usual' better done.

Clocked is an Amsterdam area based;

HymanSys engineering and management advice company established in 2000.

We work in three related areas;

  • Improvement engineering
  • ITC
  • Management consultancy
  • Humansys engineering

We put our time into finding the most efficient way to do the job.

"How" .. "How better" is our path ..

Reinventing the wheel is only efficient if the new wheel is better.

Let Google do what Google does best ... we do the rest.

Check out our IT solutions on ClockedModular.

Valkenburgerlaan 71

2103AL Heemstede



KVK: NL34093630

VAT: NL805015127B01

Clocked is opgericht in 2000. We hebben ervaring met TCP/IP en software ontwikkeling, systeemontwerp en mechatronica.

Redesign projectmanagement, Hardware, IT & mechatronica. Voor CHL.

Gepatenteerd on chipkaar LCD & keyboard systeem (eigen ontwikkeling)

TwoEyes TV ontwerp (deelneming) projectmanagement & mechatronica.

IT - Architectuur (data/netwerking) voor de ontvlechting Interpay en Paysquare t.b.v. Equens in opdracht van Quint

Order sourcing (India / Thailand / China) systeem voor Pand&plattegrond

Verkoop order en sales management systeem voor Bluestone Sales